OMNY Health takes first steps into AI partnerships with Aris Global and Quant Health

To enter the healthcare artificial intelligence market, OMNY Health, a provider of healthcare data, established alliances with Aris Global and Quant Health. Over 70 million American patients are part of the living data layer that OMNY maintains. Healthcare has long lacked a clear and complete data source, said Mitesh Rao, CEO and co-founder of OMNY.

Rao, who founded OMNY and previously oversaw innovation at Northwestern and safety and quality at Stanford, stressed the significance of building a clean, transformed data layer throughout the nation to act as a basis for AI and research. By the end of 2024, 78 million patients, or one-third of all Americans, will have had their data represented by OMNY from 50 provider groups around the country, including pediatric hospitals, hospital systems, nonprofits, community clinics, and national cancer institutes.

Although electronic medical record providers have enormous volumes of patient data, Rao clarified that it is frequently fragmented. Official data in healthcare is nonexistent unless it comes from industry leaders like Microsoft or Epic. Large volumes of data are hard to get by for AI companies to train their models; they frequently have to collect data from discrete health systems, which is challenging to scale. Although the healthcare sector is now enthusiastic about AI, they have neglected to create the data infrastructure required to power these algorithms.

OMNY has never actively pursued partnerships, despite being approached by a number of AI startups in recent years. OMNY is a perfect partner for AI firms because of its huge data supply. According to Rao, OMNY gives healthcare institutions access to a clean, useable data layer that they can utilize for collaborations on artificial intelligence, research, and grant applications. In order to mitigate the privacy and cybersecurity risks involved with providing AI businesses with access to raw patient data, it is imperative that OMNY serve as an intermediary between healthcare organizations and these companies.

When selecting AI partners, OMNY uses a selective procedure that includes verification to ensure that the partners are in line with OMNY’s goal, cybersecurity, and privacy. Rao was enthusiastic by Aris Global’s approach to generative AI and huge language models for adverse event prediction, which has the potential to greatly increase patient safety. Researchers can simulate different trial scenarios to evaluate endpoint success, commercial viability, protocol feasibility, and performance throughout clinical phases by using Quant Health’s AI-powered clinical trial outcome prediction. This collaboration is in line with OMNY’s goal of advancing clinical research.

OMNY is prioritizing patient-centered use cases that benefit healthcare and is in talks with many other AI businesses interested in utilizing its data. According to Rao, OMNY wants to make sure that AI applications support the organization’s goals of enhancing patient care and developing healthcare read more about OMNY Health takes first steps into AI partnerships with Aris Global and Quant Health on

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