AWS Enhances Cloud Technology to Strengthen Data Security

Many public sector firms, including healthcare companies, gathered at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in Washington, D.C. to exchange use cases for various AWS products. In an interview with Fierce Healthcare, a senior AWS official stated that stakeholders in the healthcare industry can benefit greatly from this cross-sector cooperation.

Organizations from the fields of government, healthcare, law, education, and aerospace attended the summit. During the Summit, security, privacy, data use, and generative AI were among the main subjects of conversation. AWS’s global healthcare and nonprofit team’s clinical innovation lead, Angela Shippy, a senior medical executive, observed that healthcare organizations were excited about the chance to network with other public sector businesses and organizations.

“Because they are all highly regulated and have clear missions, healthcare organizations meet with government organizations and charitable groups. Thus, despite the fact that each person’s situation may be slightly different, being in the same room and realizing that there may be comparable answers that could help them go to their next destination ” Shippy said.

Public sector enterprises frequently have similar demands and issues, as noted by Mike Cannady, global director of partner programs and strategic initiatives for the public sector at AWS.

Cannady stated during a panel discussion that “public sector organizations face several challenges, such as optimizing resources and adapting to changing needs.”

Shippy reported that at the Summit, discussions regarding security were held by healthcare groups and other public sector organizations.

“One customer in particular mentioned that it gives me a better idea of how I can feel comfortable with protected health information in the Cloud as well because I can listen to government agencies who also have information that they need to keep secure,” Shippy added.

The chief operating officer of Netsmart, a provider of health information technology, Tom Herzog, said that the company’s collaboration with AWS has allowed it to develop and provide better services to its healthcare clientele.

The bulk of Amazon Bedrock’s tens of thousands of users, according to Cannady, use numerous AI and machine learning models, and they seek a solution that facilitates the use of multiple models.

“We’ve noticed that most of our customers prefer to use multiple models instead of just one, and that’s been a fundamental component of our strategy with our generative AI services, Cannady said read more about AWS Enhances Cloud Technology to Strengthen Data Security and Foster AI Innovation in Healthcare and Public Sector on

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