Clindcast Lifesciences delivers comprehensive services that drive breakthroughs in healthcare, ensuring precision, efficiency, and improved outcomes.

Revolutionizing Lifesciences: Discover the Power of ClinDCast Services

ClinDCast excels in providing reliable solutions for life sciences consulting and Functional Service Provider (FSP) requirements.
Our role is crucial in guiding clients through the intricate landscape of both tactical and strategic challenges they encounter.

At ClinDCast, we transcend mere service provision; we deliver a comprehensive, integrated solution that reflects our steadfast dedication to excellence in the field of life sciences consulting. What sets us apart is our fusion of profound industry insight, cultivated interpersonal relationships, and an extensive referral network. Our commitment extends to fostering close partnerships with clients, facilitating the discovery of top-tier talent across all stages of clinical trials.

The cornerstone of our approach lies in our emphasis on collaboration. Through forging robust partnerships with our clients, we ensure a nuanced understanding of their needs and objectives. This collaborative ethos extends to our role in identifying top talent for clinical trials, leveraging our industry insights and expansive network to connect clients with professionals who bring valuable expertise to every phase of the trial process.

Across the country, ClinDCast has been delivering Life Sciences Consulting services to various Provider organizations. Our consultants offer a strong combination of Clinical, pharmaceutical and IT backgrounds.

Unlocking Success in Lifesciences: Explore ClinDCast's Tailored Solutions

Quality Assurance Consultants

Our life sciences and biotech quality control consultants provide top-notch support for quality control throughout all stages of research and development, from preclinical to post-market, and customer-specific needs.

Technical Database Designer(CDASH)

This role sets up trial databases, applies validation checks, and handles programming issues. It maintains TMF documents, tests scenarios, and manages study metadata. Additionally, it coordinates database development and adapts data models as needed.

Pharmacovigilance Consultants

Our Pharmacovigilance Consultants provide case processing, report writing, vigilant monitoring of adverse drug reactions, and timely and accurate reporting to regulatory authorities, and customer-specific needs.

Biostatistician Consultants

This role involves designing, analyzing, and reporting on statistical research studies to advance medical knowledge and improve public health. It includes consulting with investigators, reviewing safety reporting, and supervising data entry. The position also entails developing statistical databases, advising on analysis techniques, and coordinating team efforts.

Clinical Data Analyst

This role involves annotating CRFs, building SDTM data set specifications, and creating/editing internal data review models and mapping specifications. It includes developing backend edit checks, managing interfaces with project teams, programming and validating data sets, and generating clinical data outputs.

Clinical Programming Consultants

Our Clinical Programming Consultants provide expertise in developing and optimizing data management strategies, implementation of efficient and accurate statistical programming for clinical trials, support for database design and development, and validation and quality control of programmed outputs, and customer-specific needs.

Clinical Data Manager

This role includes overseeing database quality and EDC optimization, designing CRFs, guiding accurate data collection, validation checks, real-time site data review, tracking data from diverse sources, managing lab ranges, ensuring data cleanliness, facilitating database locks, and archiving study data with audit trails.

Clinical SAS Programmer

Experience with SAS/STAT, SAS Macro, SAS/GRAPH, and SAS ODS required. Strong DATA step skills essential. Familiarity with PROC REPORT preferred. Excellent English language proficiency, communication, and attention to detail necessary. Solid understanding of business practices and project management. Strong computer skills expected.